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Questions about Binghamton

My name is: Burgundy
People call me: Burgundy
I'm from: Schenectady, New York
I'm attending (Harpur, Watson, Decker...): I'm still in high school, but I'm applying to Binghamton. (Hope that's okay.)
My major is (or "I think my major is..."): Environmental Science or something similar.
Favorite book/movie/tv show: I like a lot of books, but specifically memoirs. Movie: I'm also a movie buff, but I'll pick Stand By Me. I like watching Forensic Files.
School clubs/teams/sports: Newspaper, Students Against Destructive Decisions, The Outdoors Club, Litmag
General interests or other interesting facts about you (unusual abilities, hobbies, politics, pets, etc.): I'm currently obssessed with Spoken Word Poetry.

I'm asking a list of questions, because I just want to know as much as I can about the colleges I'm applying to. Any help is greatly appreciated.

1) I'm leaning toward majoring in environmental science/conservation biology. What are the science programs like?

2) I'm your average hippie liberal (minus some stereotypes), will I find like-minded people?

3) What are the chances of me finding fun things to do without getting drunk/high?

4) What is the area outside of the college like? Any fun things to do?

5) Are the people generally nice or mean?

6) If, in the future, I was to try and find an apartment in the surrounding area, how expensive are they / how hard is it to get one?

7) Are you allowed cars your first year? (I'd like to have the chance to travel home.)

8) Has your personal experience been mostly positive or negative?

9) Lastly, any major positive/negative things about the school, or any other random things care to share?
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