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My name is: Daniel Doron
People call me: Dan, Daniel, Dancey, Cupcake
I'm from: West Hempstead, NY, but i love the city.
I'm attending (Harpur, Watson, Decker...): Harpur
My major is: Undeclared, will be Music
Favorite book/movie/tv show: too many to name. Ali G., Family Guy, Aqua Teen, Cast Away, A Beautiful Mind, American Beauty. many more.
School clubs/teams/sports: [void]
General interests or other interesting facts about you (unusual abilities, hobbies, politics, pets, etc.): ...i guess ill just go thru the examples.
unusual abilities. you'd find out.
hobbies. music, computers, cross-dressing. etc. you get the idea.
politics. polydicks; male-dominated shit farse that i couldn't care about.
Screen name/Email address (only if you so desire): MyTreeOutside-AIM
A photo, if you have one, so we know who you are!:
for the sake of ease, just check my facebook, or IM me.
hope this will suffice.

And your Facebook Link, if you have one:
Facebook me!

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