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Binghamton 2009

Binghamton 2009

Binghamton University - Class of 2009
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Welcome to the first livejournal community for Binghamton University's Class of 2009!

marghiee started this community as a way for incoming freshmen to connect with one another before attending the school itself in order to form bonds and maybe even meet up!

When you join, please post the following:
My name is:
People call me:
I'm from:
I'm attending (Harpur, Watson, Decker...):
I live in (Hinman, CIW, Mountainview, etc...):
My major is (or "I think my major is..."):
Favorite book/movie/tv show:
School clubs/teams/sports:
General interests or other interesting facts about you (unusual abilities, hobbies, politics, pets, etc.):
Screen name/Email address (only if you so desire):
A photo, if you have one, so we know who you are!:
And your Facebook Link, if you have one:

To see a current list of us in the community click here.

Here are some other helpful links.
- Binghamton University's Main Site.
- Binghamton 2009 Myspace group
- Information on residential living areas
- Opinions on living areas

Thanks a lot and enjoy!

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