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Hello =)

My name is: Leanne Rivera
People call me: Leanne, Lee, Rio
I'm from: the Bronx
I'm attending (Harpur, Watson, Decker...): Harpur
I live in (Hinman, CIW, Mountainview, etc...): Cascade in Mountainview
My major is (or "I think my major is..."): undeclared
Favorite book/movie/tv show: the Hobbit/Moulin Rouge, Nightmare Before Christmas/CSI
School clubs/teams/sports: none yet :)
General interests or other interesting facts about you (unusual abilities, hobbies, politics, pets, etc.): I'm an average quiet weird person who likes to write and who listens to Japanese music + 2 Korean artists + Björk + Blonde Redhead, but don't hold that against me. lol Oh, and my lj name is lame, but I was forced to make one by a friend of mine, and didn't put much thought into it. My fav thing is my powerbook. Oh yes.
Screen name/Email address (only if you so desire):
A photo, if you have one, so we know who you are!:facebook ;) if only my digicam didn't SUCK.
And your Facebook Link, if you have one: CLICK~

I'm pretty late here, but I've just discovered it, and I'm a spring freshman. I actually was accepted into Binghamton first, but (via a screw up courtesy of my guidance counselor -- THANKS!) for the spring semester. I attended CUNY Hunter for the fall semester, and hated it, so I'm really glad to finally be here. =D I don't know if people still check here, but it's worth a shot, right? =D I had originally requested a chemical-free floor, but that didn't work out *sigh*. But it's all good. I'm liking it here so far, although the weather is pretty weird here. As you can imagine it's pretty tough being a spring transfer, so I'm taking the initiative, and I think this is a step...kinda. Are there any good clubs that I can join? Do people here join clubs???

Oh, and I'm currently taking
HIST 280J 9.40-10.40, MWF
GERM 241B 2.20-3.20 MWF
HDEV 105 3.30-5.30 W
ENG 114F 5.50-7.15 MW
PHIL202 10.05-11.30 T,R
ENG114F (D) 8.30-9.30 (AM!) F

See ya,
Leanne :)
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